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Establishing A Shared Path For Success

WFF Facility Services believes one critical factor that differentiates us from our competition is our ongoing commitment to training.

We understand that operations on your campus are driven by the team members.  We provide team members with opportunities to develop, whether for specific job skills, business acumen or interpersonal competence.  We value the idea that all team members have a natural desire to learn, grow and be part of a successful, fulfilling team.

 Annual Training Hours Per Team Member


Percentage Who Participated in Professional Training


Annual Time Invested In Training Team Members

105,498 Hours

Professional Learning Culture

Leadership Training

Each campus director goes through an initial regimented program that teaches the technical and leadership skills required to be a successful manager.  Conducted by the Regional Operations Director in conjunction with other key managers within the company, this is the first step in assimilating new campus directors to the “WFF Way” and is the basis for ongoing training and growth as a leader.  They then take these skills to their campus with the purpose of cultivating a team which embraces and demonstrates our guiding values.

Annual Leadership Conference

In addition to an extensive training program for each director, WFF hosts an annual Directors’ Leadership Conference at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis.

We bring in each director and convene at a conference center to train, learn and share best practices during an intensive two-day meeting.  We schedule a combination of professional speakers to talk about issues from new cleaning processes or equipment to leadership and time management skills.  Senior WFF management shares the successes and challenges that our company faces in the marketplace.

We recognize and reward the “Director of the Year” and other awards that celebrate excellence.  This builds a consistent culture across all the campuses, allowing each director to meet and build relationships with each other.  Together they learn new skills, exchange ideas and bring new insights and efficiencies back to their campus.


Team Member Training

Our training goals are not only to teach technical skills but to reinforce our Mission and Guiding Values to each team member, as well as to cultivate a sense of pride in the work we perform.  By instilling pride, we are able to unlock the discretionary effort which leads to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • Orientation & Indoctrination Training – designed to provide specific skills and team training.  This is also an opportunity to introduce the WFF Mission and Guiding Values to each new team member.
  • WFF conducts weekly formal training on every campus we serve.  We have developed on online database of electronic training modules, empowering each director to customize the week’s topic to the relevant needs of the team.  Whether the topic is related to technical, safety or customer service, it is critical in ensuring we keep our teams aligned with the best practices required to deliver a safe, clean and healthy environment for the campus community.
  • In addition to formal training, we encourage regular, positive coaching from our campus leaders to the individual team members.  These coaching sessions are meant to respectfully encourage continuous development and improvement, as well as ensuring close personal support.

We create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success