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The WFF Way

Dignity & Pride Through Purposeful Service

WFF values the idea that all team members have a natural desire to learn and grow, from a part-time team member to on-site directors.  As an integrated part of our culture, we provide opportunities for team members to develop, whether for specific job skills, business acumen or interpersonal competence.  Training ranges from team meetings before a shift to e-learning and off-site training programs.  Team members at all levels are encouraged to pursue training to keep their skills sharp and learn new systems, procedures and techniques to improve their professional capabilities.

Our lean size creates a dynamic connectivity between team members giving us the advantage of truly being able to invest in our leaders and utilize an individualized approach based on key personality traits and technical knowledge.

We strive to treat people as we want to be treated with respect, trust and honesty.

Empowering our team members to adapt and evolve is essential to our mission.  We have developed a systematized training program that inspires and teaches the leadership skills necessary to be a successful, engaging manager.  It is conducted by the Regional Operations Director in conjunction with other key managers within the company.  Once the training is complete, the director has the necessary tools not only to perform the job, but to thrive.  Continued and on-going training and support are included in the program, enabling team members to find their best learning method to accomplish work and career goals.

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We create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success

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