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Cleaning With A Conscience

WFF Facility Services is committed to environmental stewardship and supporting the sustainability initiatives of each institution we serve.  We deploy standardized cleaning systems on each campus, using highly efficient equipment and Green Seal certified cleaning supplies.  Becoming CIMS-Green Building certified by ISSA is affirmation of our commitment.  We are proud to have taken an active role in supporting our clients’ initiatives, which include Recyclemania participation, composting efforts, utilizing low-moisture equipment and other energy reduction strategies.

Employing sustainable practices not only creates a healthier environment for students, faculty and staff, but it also sets a positive example for others.  The benefits of employing environmentally responsible practices include reduced exposure to harsh chemicals, improved air quality, reduced cases of asthma and related respiratory ailments, water and power conservation, increased recycling and lower overall operating expenses.

Cleaning with a conscience

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