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When a parent sends a child to a private or independent school they do so with the understanding that their child will be in an environment that fosters a rich and rewarding education that will last a lifetime.  Parents also expect that environment to be one that will be held to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness.  WFF Facility Services takes pride in the part it plays in living up to these standards of excellence.  We understand the importance a safe and healthy environment plays in the protection of our youth.  That’s why we utilize natural and green cleaning techniques that are safe to use in proximity of children.  Every single cleaning product that is used on campus must meet our strict guidelines for safety and green cleaning.  Each product is evaluated and tested for its level of efficacy and safety.  Before a cleaning supply is ever allowed on campus all of its ingredients are researched and studied in order to provide the strictest standards of safety.  We believe in maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the environment in order to foster a safe alternative when cleaning schools.  WFF Facility Services is CIMS certified and trusted by organizations across the country in providing safe and sustainable custodial services.

Before a WFF Facility Services’ team member ever steps foot on the grounds of a private or independent school, the pre-planning management team curates a customized solution for the campus.  This entails what services will be covered, how it can be executed in the most economical and efficient manner and how it can be rolled out in a seamless transition.  We believe there is no such strategy as a one-size fits-all for our services.  That’s why we utilize a customized approach to tailor your needs with our expert ambassadors.  The result is a highly connected and fluid machine that serves your student body while beautifying your campus.  We don’t just work as a vendor for your institution, we work as an asset to your school and an extension of your campus community.

Whether you are a K-12 school with one campus or a diocese in charge of overlooking an entire network of schools throughout the state, we have the infrastructure to serve your needs.  WFF Facility Services can curate the solution that’s right for your school or create a customized model for larger intuitions that is scalable without limits.  Our 45+ years of experience, visionary senior leadership and dedicated team members will help build a solution for your private or independent school that will serve and beautify your campus.

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Higher Education

We’re proud to work with many large and small universities across the country.  Our 45+ years of experience brings a level of quality service you can trust and rely upon.

K-12 & High Schools

We serve K-12 schools across the country in both large and small scale operations.  We have an average partner tenure of 10+ years.

Private & Independent Schools

   Our dedication to service has allowed us to maintain a 95.2% partner retention rate among all of our clients.

We create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success