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Pride, Professionalism & Empowerment

At WFF, quality begins by attracting and retaining ladies and gentlemen who are personally aligned to our mission and values.  We understand that the operational effectiveness on each partner’s campus is driven by our team members.  They are ambassadors for WFF and the institution we serve.  They create a personal interface and support faculty, staff and security on campus.  We provide team members with opportunities to develop, whether for specific job skills, business acumen or interpersonal competence.  WFF values the idea that all team members have a natural desire to learn, grow and be part of a successful, fulfilling team.

The mutual courtesy and respect that thrives at WFF is what sets us apart from our competitors.  We trust team members to do their jobs and make decisions, and allow them the flexibility to work in a way that keeps them inspired and innovative.  Our guiding values foster a culture where team members are important, nurtured and appreciated.

Our size creates a dynamic connectivity between team members giving us the advantage of truly being able to invest in our leaders and utilize an individualized approach based on key personality traits and technical knowledge.

Empowering our team members to adapt and evolve is essential to our mission.  We have developed a systemized training program that inspires and teaches the skills necessary to be a successful, engaging manager.  On-going training and support are included in the program, enabling team members to find their best learning method to accomplish work and career goals.  WFF is committed to a learning culture at all levels of the organization.

We create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success