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Living The Mission

Living The Mission

WFF’s Mission and Values guide team members on how to act and conduct themselves with customers and each other.  Believing in the importance of what we do and working together towards the same goal fuels our focus on customer service and continuous improvement as a company.


Our team members live the mission in their day-to-day interactions.

Letters From Our Customers

Dana Sawyer

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the labor prac-tices I observe in Ms. Dana Sawyer, a housekeeper in the Health and Human Services Building here at Coppin State University.  I always find Ms. Sawyer to be a positive, diligent, respectful and hardworking individual.  No matter what time of day I may see her in passing, she is industriously working–from vacuuming floors to washing down walls.  She exemplifies honesty and trustworthiness. On many occasions, I am called away from my office and in a hurried fashion, have left my purse open or money lying on my desk.  When Ms. Sawyer comes through to clean my work space, I never experience any of my belongings going missing or browsed through.  Her integrity is outstanding.

Debora Burgess-Brunson

Executive Assistant to the Provost and

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Coppin State University

With the labor market ever changing, it can make it challenging to hire new associates.  That is compounded by the lowest unemployment rate since April of 2008, and is a problem all industries are facing.  The custodial industry is no different. But what is different is who we are, what WFF values, and that is our people.  Our people make all the difference.  Abilene, Texas is similar to any town, with many industries looking and competing for the same pool of applicants.  Our director at Abilene Christian University, Val Mascari, became aware of a refugee movement in Abilene through his church. Val then looked to partner with the local refugee center.

It started with one associate from Nepal, that invited 3 more fellow Nepalese friends to apply within 1 month.  Adding new associates to an existing team is always hard, and getting them to be fully comfortable and engage to be part of the team is even harder when there is a language barrier.  Sensing this, Assistant Director, Sal Medina took it upon himself to look online for a few key words in Nepalese to help foster open communication.

Sal identified one new Nepalese associate, Mamata, a 17 year-old in her first job, as having the strongest grasp of the English language.  He furthered his internet study of Mamata’s native language and worked with her to develop her English skills.  As their communication and training increased, so did the Nepalese associates at ACU.  Sensing that she was ready for a new challenge, Sal promoted Mamata to help him lead the project team.

The understanding of each other’s language continued to develop, as did the understanding of culture.  In the Nepalese culture, women are not typically al-lowed to drive cars.  However, as Mamata’s training continued it was time to in-troduce her to the Riding Chariot.  As Sal explained the difference in this and driv-ing a car, she became intrigued and mastered it in no time.  Then she moved onto learning to drive the golf cart.  Mamata then went home and explained to her father that if she could learn to drive a car, she could continue to expand her responsibilities at work.  He taught her to drive, enabling her to get her driver’s license and drive the company truck. Mamata saved up and bought her first car!

This may seem like a normal thing for an 18 year-old to do, however from Mamata’s culture, this was an extraordinary thing.  This sparked interest among the other associates.  “Having one young Nepalese lady understand leadership, take responsibil-ity, do inspections, manage key control and assist with translations was inspirational!” said Sal.  This motivated the other young ladies to work harder, return to school, get their driver’s license and to see new possibilities.

Mamata was promoted to a lead position.  This was cause for celebration in her family!  In Mamata’s culture, it’s dictated that young ladies are to be wed by the time they are 24.  After seeing Mamata’s success, her father is investing in her and not a marriage.  He wants her to keep working and be a leader.  And a leader she is, she is in charge of training new associates and supply usage for the ACU campus.  She trains all new employees, no matter what their ethnic group and has learned a little Spanish along the way.

WFF now employs associates from Congo, France, Madagascar, Nigeria, Mexico and Bhutan.  Sal invests so much of himself in helping not just Mamata but all associates to prosper.  And true to himself, he has leaned Nepalese, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and the Language of Congo.  If you can just give one person an opportunity to inspire others, you never know what can happen.

Vel Gertrude

I would like to say what a good job your crews are doing at the Uni-versity of Central Oklahoma.  I have come in contact with two ladies who clean our most used building on campus and would like to specifically point them out for their hard work.  Their names are Vel Murhree and Gertrude Moses, the two always come to work with smiles on their faces and clean the building so well.  I hope you will highlight them sometime as they really do keep our university going! Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for your company!

Eriech Tapia

The University of Central Oklahoma


Luby Kittle has built a strong community in Rogers Hall.  Luby always does a great job at cleaning the bathrooms and she constantly has a smile on her face while cleaning.  I’ve never had a single complaint about Luby’s work.  She not only does a fantastic job at cleaning but she cares about the resident’s well being.  She knows the residents and resident assistants by name and asks how they are doing on a daily basis.  Luby is always making us laugh with her jokes and her singing.  I do not believe that there is a better can-didate as an ambassador than Luby Kittle.

– RA Annie Nist

It’s easy for me to say that Luby Kittle is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.  She’s never anything less than happy, and even if it’s a bad day she NEVER lets it affect her work or her demeanor towards the residents. She knows many of us by name within the building, and goes out of her way to say hello and do extra things to make us smile.  I truly am grateful that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and know Luby.  She’s truly an angel in disguise. Hearing her whistle and laugh always brightens my day.

– HD Jordan Crawford

I have had the privilege of working with Luby Kittle for almost a year now.  I have to tell you she is one of the most pleasant people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  I could be having a horrible day and when I see Luby, I feel an instant smile upon my face.  She is very engaging and truly one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  It’s not just her personali-ty that I love, she has an incredible work ethic.  Just recently she was on her hands and knees trying to scrub out the salt stains in the foyer entrance of Rogers.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t marvel at how engaging, polite, and committed she is to her duties and the peo-ple she touches every day.  I think the world of her.

John McDermitt

General Manager

Sodexo Campus Services

West Liberty University

Karen Farr

Karen, the lady who cleans the chapel, went above and beyond her duty today and was an irre-placeable asset.  We had a gentleman enter today asking to see you because he had questions.  His questions seemed odd and didn’t add up, but I thought not much of it.  Karen, who was getting supplies from the closet, noticed him and got my attention.  She said she needed to see me, so I got up and went with her to the sanctuary.  She informed me that this man had been trespassing in the Welcome Center and that he probably wasn’t allowed on campus.  At that time, I let her into Heather’s office to use the phone.  Thanks to her action, we were able to properly notify security to come and take care of the issue.

Student Assistant – Center for Faith and Spirituality

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Anita Washington

I am writing to you about Ms. Anita Washington.  As you know, Anita is the team lead in the Taylor Avenue Building (TAB).  I have worked in the TAB building for over two years.  I am often in the office in the late afternoon and early evening when your team arrives to clean our offices.  I have watched Anita interact with her team as well as the other professionals in our office.  I try to check in with the team, as I can, each day.  I find Anita to be professional, courteous and extremely pleasant. Anita asks if there is anything else she can do to make the office more pleasant in which to work.  She has helped me on more than one occasion.  It is evident that Anita works hard to have a professional staff with a good work ethic and high standards.  I think Anita does well teaching team members about professionalism and quality standards and told her as much today.

Jennifer Ivanovich, MS

Assistant Professor

Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine

Congratulations to Sone and Vanhny Phousouvanh who have been with WFF Facility Services for 25 years! Sone works in Sullivan Hall and Vanhny works in the Student Center.  They started with the university in 1982 under another company, so they have been with Seattle University for over 34 years.  They both came to Seattle in 1981, after living in a refugee camp while waiting to come to America for a safer home environment and better job opportunities.

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