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Higher Education

WFF Facility Services has focused exclusively on serving the education market since its founding in 1974.  We have been honored to serve dozens of institutions over the years.  We only seek new partnerships where our mission and guiding values are complementary to those of the institution, and where we know we can be a trusted resource.  Our proven approach has been to develop strong personal relationships and trust with the individuals we serve on each campus.  We look to collaborate with each institution’s leadership in order to build mutually fulfilling, successful partnerships.  We strive to become an extension of our client’s team, where decisions are made close to the action and client needs are always placed first.

Custodial Services
Plant Operations

Who We Work With

Higher Education

We’re proud to work with many large and small universities across the country.  Our 45+ years of experience brings a level of quality service you can trust and rely upon.

K-12 & High Schools

We serve K-12 schools across the country in both large and small scale operations.  We have an average partner tenure of 10+ years.

Private & Independent Schools

   Our dedication to service has allowed us to maintain a 95.2% partner retention rate among all of our clients.

We create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success