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    Quality Assurance Program

    Maintaining Excellence Everyday

    Each WFF program is customized to the campus being served.  We consider many factors when designing the program, including desired cleaning outcomes, building types, density, traffic patterns, seasonality and floor care needs.  While these factors are all critical to an effective program design, only a standardized, systematic quality assurance program can ensure proper execution and ongoing customer satisfaction.

    Undoubtedly, the ultimate judges of our performance are the faculty, staff, students, parents and other visitors who populate a campus every day.  The results must consistently meet or exceed expectations in order to provide a clean, healthy and safe environment and enrich the lives of those we serve.


    Verifying cleaning outcomes through statistically significant random inspections is critical to ensuring the work is being performed in accordance with the defined scope of work.  We perform daily inspections on every campus we serve, with the goal being to comprehensively inspect the full campus on a monthly basis.  These inspections are conducted at multiple levels and provide an objective measurement of our success in delivering desired outcomes.  Inspection scores are recorded and stored to deliver detailed reporting and trend analysis to our partner institutions.  For further validation and collaboration, we encourage periodic joint inspections with Facilities Department management.  These joint inspections ensure integrity in the process and help create a collaborative approach to implementing corrective measures when deficiencies are identified.

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    WFF utilizes CleanTelligent, a cloud-based tool which enables our on-site leadership team to continuously monitor and measure cleaning results through regular inspections.  This systematic approach allows for coaching opportunities and collaborative program modifications in order to optimize outcomes.

    Benefits of CleanTelligent

    Encourages Client Participation
    Multi-Level Organizational Data Access
    Customized to APPA Space Designations
    Proactive Deficiency Identification and Resolution

    Work Order Management
    Historical Trends for Program Enhancement
    Data Feeds into Quarterly Client Report
    Customization Based on Collaboration with Facilities Department

    We create safe environments that enrich lives and facilitate success